Park Safety Tips

We would like to take a moment to give you some park safety tips. As the weather gets warmer, more people head to their local park for family fun and recreational activities. However, there are some things you need to know. Parks are just like every other place in Clark County. Crime happens at parks as well. Park Police Officers patrol parks in Clark County with the exception of parks in the City of Henderson, North Las Vegas and Las Vegas. With the current economical situation, even more people are utilizing the parks.

Clark County Parks are full of excitement and adventure for the whole family. But they are also places where criminals seek out their next victim. Park Police Officers respond to incidents such as homicides, stabbings, shootings, fights, gang related crimes, drug related crimes, burglaries, robberies, auto theft, and much more. It is not uncommon to settle a picnic table dispute one minute and respond to a violent crime involving weapons the next minute. Now that we have explained that crime does occur in parks, we would like to offer some safety tips to help prevent you from being a victim.

1. If you see something or someone that looks suspicious or "just doesn't look right", call 911 or 455-7532 immediately.
2. If you witness a crime, we recommend that you do not get involved. Be a good witness! Get as much information as possible. Example: clothing description, vehicle description, how many people, the person sex, race, height, weight, tattoos, hat, carrying a bag, etc.
3. Never leave your children unattended. Predators know that parks are a good place to prey on children. Always know where your children are.
4. Stay in well lit areas at night where other people are present. Carry a cell phone with you at all times.
5. If you have concerns, feel free to flag down a Park Police Officer to discuss the issues with him or her.
6. Some parks have water activities such as water parks, lakes and pools. Ensure your children know how to swim and never leave them unattended. Take a CPR/First Aid class so you know what to do in an emergency, whether its your child or a stranger.
7. Go to the park in groups. Groups of 4 or more can be a deterrent. Plus, each person can keep an "eye out" for suspicious persons or situations.
8. Teach your children how to react if they are approached by a stranger.
9. When at a park at night, wear bright colored clothing to make yourself more visible to passing vehicles.
10. Ensure that your vehicle is locked and the alarm is set if you have one. Keep valuables out of sight from anyone walking by your vehicle. Never leave your keys in your vehicle.

This information is to help park patrons feel confident about enjoying their parks. It is always best to be informed and prepared then to be unaware and a victim.

The Clark County Park Police Association